The Hall of Fame awards ceremony does not specifically mention Tyrrell-Owens

New England Patriots logo Iron On Transfers

New England Patriots logo Iron On Transfers

Previously, the famous wide receiver Terrell Owens decided not to attend the Hall of Fame ceremony in Canton, Ohio, but to attend the ceremony at his alma mater, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.New England Patriots heat transfers

For this more or less contempt for the official move, the Hall of Fame naturally can’t help but respond. They will deliberately ignore Owens and focus on the other seven candidates. Selected candidates include Bobby Beathard, Robert Brazile, Brian Dawkins, Jerry Kramer, Ray Lewis ( Ray Leiws), Randy Moss and Brian Urlacher.

Hall of Fame executive Joe Horrigan said: “We will pay more attention to the people present.”

Holligen said that Owens’s gold jacket will be sent out on Saturday morning, but there will be no separate mention of Owens on Friday’s dinner or Saturday’s awards ceremony.New England Patriots iron on transfers

Holligan used the school situation to make an analogy. Students who do not intend to attend the graduation ceremony will not be mentioned by the school. His diploma will not be treated at the ceremony. “There is no need to mention him alone, he is not here,” Holligan said.

The Hall of Fame ceremony will be held on August 4th, US time.

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