Veteran Barwin wants to join the team with the power to win the cup

In the past seven years, veteran linebacker Connor Barwin has started 109 games in Texas, the Hawks and the Rams. The 31-year-old rusher is still free, and he hopes to join a team that has the strength to compete for the Super Bowl.New York Giants heat transfers

In an interview with the radio on Tuesday, Barwin told the host that he had actually received invitations to work for several teams and would choose a team to sign up before the training camp. In addition to the defensive system, the consideration factor is also the strength of the championship.

“I think the key is how strong they are.” Barwin said, “I won’t play for teams that don’t have the strength to compete. Of course, the market is getting smaller after age. Money is always a problem. The key factor can be said to be involved in the whole career.”

Barwin said that as long as there is no injury and illness, he still wants to play for another few years.New York Giants iron on transfers

Although he did not reveal which teams favored him, Barwin did reveal one of his desire to return to the ram. He explained: “I think Sean McVay will continue his strong coaching performance. He is a good leader who can convince everyone, and I am looking forward to their performance this year.”

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