The jet plunder will be welcoming the dead battle.

Anaheim Ducks logo Iron On Transfers

Anaheim Ducks logo Iron On Transfers

For the predators who built the team in 1998, their historical playoff experience is not very rich. It was not until 2016 that the predators first tasted the tie-break in the playoffs.

In the 15-16 season, the predators faced the 7th in the regular season and the 1st foreign card in the first round of the playoffs to face the Pacific champion Anaheim Duckling. In this series, the predators played well in the first two games and won the game at the home of the ducklings in two consecutive 3-2 scores. However, the old ducklings will continue to play the next three games, and the big score will be overtaken to 2-3. In the sixth game, the predators relied on Neil’s magical performance to beat the ducklings at home 3-1, and the two sides ushered in a seven-game battle. In the tie-breaking game, the predators relied on Wilson and Gasted to score a successful goal in the first quarter, and finally defeated the duckling in the second round with 2-1 away.Anaheim Ducks heat transfers

In the second round, the predators once again faced a seven-game battle, and they faced San Jose sharks also from the Pacific Division. In the first four games of the series, both sides seized the home court advantage, the big score was 2-2. Among them, in the fourth game of the main scene of the predator against the shark, the two sides fought three overtime games to win the game, the intensity can be seen. The 5th and 6th games of both series won at their respective home games. In the tiebreaker, the Marauder challenged the San Jose Sharks in the SAP Center away. The Sharks in this game, the offensive end relies on Rogan Kucher’s 2 passes and the defensive Martin Jones’s perfect performance, 5-0 Zero Marauder Advance to the Western Conference Finals. The predator did not be able to stage the magic of the last round of the squad, and eventually defeated the Seventh World War and stopped the second round.Anaheim Ducks iron on transfers

Throughout the predator’s playoff history, they have been in the 15-16 season. Although they defeated the ducklings in the first round of the seven-game battle, the back-to-back tie-breaking caused them to spend too much energy and lost to the Western champion sharks of the year.

Since moving from Atlanta to Winnipeg in 2011, this year is just the second postseason tour of the jet, so this battle with the predators will be the first time in the history of this jet. Seven. For the old jets, they experienced the seven-game battle in the first round in the 89-90 season and the 91-92 season, but both games lost the opponent and the first round was announced.

In the 89-90 season, the Jets advanced to the playoffs in the third place in the regular Smyth area, but unfortunately, the first round of the Jets was the then dynasty team Edmonton Oil. Although Greski was traded to the King of Los Angeles at the time, the oil man still had two stars, Mark Messer and Yali-Curry. In the first game, the Jets defeated the oil man 7-5 to win the home advantage. After returning home, the Jets won two games with tenacious defense and led the oilers with a big score of 3-1. However, the old oily people adjusted their status in time when the big score fell behind, and the big score was 3-3. In the tiebreaker, the jet once again challenged the oilers away. In the middle of the first quarter, the oil man relied on Anderson to open the scoring, and the jet immediately equalized by Thomas Steen. However, the attack on the oil man is still not reduced. They scored 3 goals at the end of the first quarter and the third quarter, and finally won the battle of the tie-break.

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