China’s official equipment sponsor signing ceremony announced the new national football shirt

The signing ceremony of the official equipment sponsor of the Super League was held, and at the same time, the national football team’s 2018 home jerseys were announced.

It is understood that the renewal of the Super League and Nike will sign a 5+5 contract, the new contract price is 10 billion yuan in 10 years, of which the cash portion is 800 million yuan, and the product part is worth 2.2 billion yuan. In the past 10 years, the Super League’s game jerseys, referee costumes and some training equipment and competition balls are provided by the brand.Pittsburgh Penguins iron on designs

Zhang Jian, executive vice chairman and secretary general of the Chinese Football Association, vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Li Yiyi, chairman of the Super League, and Wang Dengfeng, director of the Department of Education and Sports, attended the press conference.

In 2009, Nike officially became the strategic partner of the China Football Association Super League. This is the first time in the history of the Super League that the collective sales through equipment has brought huge income to all participating teams. Since 2011, all 16 Super League club teams have begun to wear Nike jerseys to compete in the Super League. In the past ten years of the Super League, the Nike brand has been deeply rooted in the Super League, and the jerseys of each Super League team also left a deep mark on the hearts of the fans. Each jersey records the unforgettable story of each team. The accumulation and precipitation of this history have witnessed the Chinese Super League and Nike all the way.

The cooperation and cooperation in the past ten years have enabled the two sides to have full trust between each other and laid a solid foundation for further cooperation between the two sides. In order to protect the sustainable development of the league in the overall consideration of the Super League and the interests of all participating clubs, in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Super League, in accordance with the resolutions of the Board of Directors and the shareholders meeting, Super League and Nike conducted a new cycle of negotiations and finally reached a cooperation. At the signing ceremony, Li Yiyi, vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association and chairman of the Super League, signed a cooperation agreement with Nike’s global vice president and general manager of Greater China.Pittsburgh Penguins iron on transfers

Zhang Jian, executive vice chairman and secretary general of the Chinese Football Association, who attended the signing ceremony, thanked Nike for its many years of support and help to the Chinese Super League. Zhang Jian said: The cooperation between China Super League and Nike will be further in-depth cooperation between the two parties. It is the mutual recognition of the brand values ​​of both parties and is the hope for the future common vision.

Nike’s global vice president and general manager of Greater China, Dong Wei, also said at the press conference that Nike has always been committed to promoting the development of Chinese football. This time, I will once again hold hands with the Chinese Super League. I hope that the two sides can jointly write a new chapter in “Chinese football.” In future cooperation, Nike will respect and listen to the needs of athletes, provide athletes with the best sports equipment, and help them create better results.

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