Chris Lang believes that the existing issues do not affect the Patriots playing

Philadelphia Eagles logo Iron On Transfers (Wall Stickers) N1641

Philadelphia Eagles logo Iron On Transfers (Wall Stickers) N1641

In the past few months, the New England Patriots have repeatedly “problems”, from Rob Gronkowski’s “intentional retirement” storm, Tom Brady’s contract suspicion, and then When the former Patriots members questioned the atmosphere inside the team, some people may be pessimistic about the prospects of this team.Philadelphia Eagles iron on designs

But former patriots, now eagle defensive end Chris Long, don’t think the old club is going downhill. He believes that even if there are problems, the impact is very limited, because the Patriots did not fall from the elite team.

Lang said: “I feel that any NFL team can’t avoid some problems in a year. The media can choose a few stories, exaggerate their words, and turn a blind eye to certain things. Sometimes, the small and small problems are said. It’s sensational that it doesn’t really affect their playing, it won’t affect their lower limit, and it won’t affect their actions on Sunday.”

Lang also stressed how difficult it is for the Hawks to defeat the Patriots in the 52nd Super Bowl.Philadelphia Eagles iron on transfers

“We do our best to make all the tricks to defeat them. Not only is it like the hero of the reincarnation, Nick Foles, everyone must try their best to do it. Some people say that the Patriots have problems in the locker room. However, if you study it carefully, all the locker rooms of the team will have a little problem. This is just a means of media coverage, because the Patriots are too powerful and attract more attention.”

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