Eagle Runs Spros hopes to advance the number of advances in the yard number

San Diego Chargers logo Iron On Transfers

San Diego Chargers logo Iron On Transfers

Darren Sproles also has a big goal.

Previously, Sprolls was scheduled to retire after the 2017 season, but the anterior cruciate ligament tear and arm fracture made him reimbursed in advance of the season, spending most of his time on the injury reserve list. In May, Spross said that he did not want to end his NFL career, and his daughter also hoped that he would “play another year.”San Diego Chargers heat transfers

Sproels hopes to hit an achievement in the last season of his career: to become the fifth in the history of advancement (including rushing, catching and returning).

Sproels said: “I know that I am ranked 8th in the career advancement yard. It is impossible to hit the first. Jerry Rice is too strong. But if Can finish a few excellent rushes or come back with a large number of yards, more than Steve Smith (seventh) and Marshall Faulk (sixth) have some hope. Whether or not you can achieve the goal, it will be clear until the middle of the season. My goal is to be the fifth Tim Brown, and then only Emmitt Smith, Walter. – Walter Payton and Brian Mitchell.”San Diego Chargers iron on transfers

Sproes has promoted a total of 19,155 yards in his current career. He still needs 528 yards to surpass Brown to become the fifth. The fourth-ranked Smith career has advanced 21,564 yards. This gap is somewhat difficult for Sprocks to surpass.

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