Mustang coach: Kenam brings victory to the team

Denver Broncos logo Iron On Transfers

Denver Broncos logo Iron On Transfers

It was not until the seventh year of his career that Case Keenum was given the opportunity to participate in the training camp as a starter.

This time, no Sam Bradford was in front, no Jared Goff was behind him, and Kenam was the No. 1 commander of the Mustang.Denver Broncos heat transfers

Kenam said: “It is great to be free to participate in training, competition, and pursuing better performance. On this basis, you can lead the team and feel even better.”

Since winning the Super Bowl in the 2015 season, the Mustang has not been in the playoffs. After the retiring of Peyton Manning, Trevor Siemian started 24 games, Paxton Lynch and Brock Osweiler. Starting four games respectively. Although the thighs of the league’s top defensive team can report, the three combined only scored 14 victories.Denver Broncos iron on transfers

The Mustang coach hopes that Kenam will make the team a winner. “The league is very competitive. If you go to the quarterback, most of the teams are actually the same…. Case came to the team. After that, as long as I and the players do not delay, and he also completes his own essential tasks, winning will not be a problem.”

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